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The Touch of Keys Fine Arts organization (15 yrs.) is a 501(c)(3) entity created to enrich youth education through a curriculum including reading, writing, arithmetic, sports, character traits, and music fine arts exposure. The core of the program is music education, where students train with a number of instruments and voice. Achievements of Touch of Keys participants are recognized each year through a fall recital awards program that follows the summer program. These awards continue to enhance the foundation of ambition, encouragement, and self-discovery developed through the music. Touch of Keys Fine Arts have continued to expand its music program nationally.
Proceeds from donors of the “Touch of Keys Fine Arts Annual Fundraiser” will benefit the Touch of Keys Fine Arts Music Summer Program. In past years the summer music program have been held in the Third Ward, Fifth Ward and Pearland communities during the months of June, July and August. Youth ages 6 through 14 learn music lessons including keyboard, guitar, percussion, and voice training. In addition, they learn academic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. Touch of Keys furthermore promotes physical fitness by including basketball, swimming and street olympics in its program. The youths also have summer field trips during the summer program.
Touch of Keys is the result of a vision by founder E. Gordon Wright. Through the operation of Touch Of Keys in Pearland, as well as participating in a long history of community services, He recognizes that music and arts stimulate creativity and drive young students’ desire to learn. Researchers and scholars throughout the country have shared the same findings.

Studies have shown that the ability to read notes and study rhythms transfers to other subjects such as English, math, and science. Parents of children from previous Touch of Keys camps have reported improvements in their social skills and enthusiasm to continue learning.
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